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Copag 4 Seasons Summer Edition playing cards

 COPAG 100% Plastic, 4 Seasons Summer Edition, Double Deck
Two poker-sized playing card decks Full Bleed the background.
The number of card decks: 2
The number of cards / 1 pack: 55 (52 + 3 jokers)
Size: 63x88 mm
Material: 100% plastic
Surface treatment: varnish
Index: Jumbo, four corners

Are you curious about how to use a marked deck and how to mark playing cards?
Many poker players want to make infrared marked cards with invisible ink during the poker games. With this, they can make their own mark, maybe just a dot, a cross, a vertical, or something else, the invisible mark that only is known by self, like poker glasses that see through playing cards.
For Copag marked playing cards, red deck can be tried by this way, use the infrared invisible ink kit to mark the back on the cards. Of course, this needs the help of our marked playing cards contact lenses and magic marked deck sunglasses.
However, the easiest way is to work as poker analyzer marked cards, with the help of texas holdem scanner camera and poker scanner system.
If you can get well use of our products, GS marked cards, it will bring a new element to your game!


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