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  • Poker Spy Camera For Dice Games2017-03-23
  • When you cover the bowl over the dices and turn on the camera, you can see the points of all dices by the monitor. This spy camera is very suitable for cheating in the game of guessing the points of dices.
  • Plastic Barcode Marked Cards For Poker Analyzer2017-03-23
  • The plastic side marked card is not only a kind of poker card, but an additional cheating card for the poker analyzer. We can offer you the special quality plastic side marked cards for you.
  • Lamp Camera For Reading Back Marked Cards2017-03-22
  • The marks on the back of cards representing the suits and values of cards can not be identified by the IR contact lenses or other signal receivers but to be read by the lamp camera.
  • X-ray Scanning Device For Remote Control Trick Dice2017-03-22
  • The X-ray scanning device can be put into the bag to scan the points of dices even though those dices are covered with a bowl. No matter what cover or dices you use, it can scan points of dices accurately.