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  • AKK K4 Poker Analyzer Phone2017-05-12
  • From appearance, AKK K4 poekr analyzer just a regular cell phone, but it can be a ultra soothsayer to forecast the marked deck of cards games results effectively.
  • Luminous Marked Decks Predictor Analyzer Software2017-05-12
  • The whole system includes: the gambling number predictor, which transmits only the number of playing card ( Iphone, Nokia N86, lighter, ashtray, chip rack etc), remote control, 1 deck of playing cards.
  • CVK 400 Poker Analyzer Manufacturer2017-05-11
  • As a leading poker winner predictors manufacturer, the CVK 400 poker analyzer with a built-in playing cards scanning camera we supply is very suitable to forecast the barcode poker cards games results.
  • Invisible Ink For Marking Copag Double Decks2017-05-10
  • The copag double deck marked cards looks like normal cards after marked, other person can not see the invisible marking without our special contact lenses or perspective glasses.