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Normal playing cards analyzer

Are you looking forward to our new marked playing cards cheating poker for a long time? Now, dear friends, you do not need to wait, our new poker cheating device has been developed.

This is a new poker system of reading normal playing cards. The poker cards are original which don't need to be processed. That is to say, you don't need the marked cards contact lenses, scanner camera and poker analyzer any more, but also can have a poker winner predictor.

We install a software which can scan the image in iPhone, using the front-facing card reader camera, through the way of dealing cards, and then we can read the cards. You can use a mini spy earpiece to hear the results, and know every cards one by one.

So, dear friends, what you need to do now? Just send your iPhone or Samsung to us, then we can help you to read the normal playing cards.

Normal playing cards poker  analyzer is a newst poker cheat equipment and Entertainment devices, do not need to make infrared ink on playing cards, any poker cards can be scan.


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  • Content:I’m interested in this item
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  • Name:Opop(4/2/2018 3:22:16 AM)


  • Content:How much is the Texas Holdem scanner system? I want to buy a long distance phone analyzer, do you have PK poker analyzer system?
  • Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of poker scanning system. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
  • Name:Jem(3/29/2018 12:15:44 AM)


  • Content:How to mark cards while playing poker? Do you have some invisible ink kit to mark cards in a casino? Do I must use infrared contact lenses to see the infrared marked cards?
  • Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of infrared marked cards. We will reply you by email. Best regards.


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