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The newest and advanced Akk-k5 poker analyzer

Man, you kook so great. Have you been working out? I do not know, you look fantastic like you ate a super power breakfast.
Everything looks better to me today. The sky is a little bluer, birds are singing prettier, looking at the mirror, I am more beautiful today.
Why is this, you may ask? Am I falling in love? Or gaining award?
Nope. It is because the newest AKK-K5 poker analyzer is selling on the market now.
The newest AKK-K5 is different from infrared marked cards scanner and marked cards contact lenses, it is the best and most advanced poker device.
Akk-k5 is an upguaded version of K4, the effect is 10 times faster than the old device. K5 are good at image processing. Even if the cards is folded, the bar code still can be identified by the K5. Because the K5 has the function of processing the blurred images.
AKK-K5 is the best analyzer ever created, both the function and the apearance.