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Contact lenses marked cards

Infrared contact lenses marked cards is a kind of magic marked deck. It applies to the magic shows and the entertainment shows on TV as well as gambling. As you can see, the poker cards have been marked and processed, you should wear special invisible ink contact lenses to see the marks.

For example, here is a poker card which is Club A, and if you don't have the special poker contrary, if you wear this kind of luminous contact lenses, you can see the back of this poker cards showing A with the mark of Club. That is our called contact lenses marked cards.

If you have our best marked cards with contact lens, you can read the infrared marked deck of cards, UV contact lenses marker decks, allowing you to not to be deceived in entertainment, also have a perfect horizon effect.

Such contact lenses that can see invisible ink are very safe, you do not have to worry about hurting your eyes, and it is the use of sandwich technology, is it perfect?

If you want to know more information about IR poker contact lenses, UV marked cards lenses, please contact us. Here can help you be a miracle.

Contact lenses marked cards different with invisible ink marked cards and luminous marked cards, but they have similar properties. use contact lenses for playing cards, you can control poker game.

contact lenses marked cards

Name: Witha2018-07-16 14:39:04IP80.24.201.23
Content: I want a wall infrared camera to see infrared marked cards, the invisible ink marks on the back of playing cards.
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of infrared camera. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
Name: Hong2018-07-16 11:37:12IP81.220.18.2
Content: How much is your luminous invisible ink? I want to mark the cards by myself.
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of invisible ink pen. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
Name: Liming2018-07-14 14:37:12IP82.101.192.23
Content: What is the price of poker scanner system? I want to buy iPhone phone analyzer.
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of poker scanner system. We will reply you by email. Best regards.
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