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How to be the winner of the playing cards game like Donnie Peters.

Who you want to become next Donnie Peters?

I think all players are familiar with him, PokerNews' award-winning Editor-in-Chief, penned his thoughts about the GPL draft and stated he believes team managers needed to not select their rosters based on a player's ability, but on the marketability and personality of the players.
The fast way to become the next Donnie Peters, is try hard to practise the barcode marked cards be scanned by the poker analyzer system. It will tell the result by spy earpiece.
Bryn Kenney seems to have done a little bit of that, judging by his team being, in this writer's opinion, one of the stronger rosters with a more fun group of players.
Also some players will try the infrared contact lenses, normally they use that to read the marked playing cards.
No pain no gain, if you try hard to practise, you will get what you want in the near future.