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Mini Spy Button Camera To Scan Barcodes Playing Cards

This is a new design button camera which set on the chest of shirt, its new character is not its own camera, it is because of its
amount of lights. As many cameras always just have 2 lights with one lens camera, so these kinds of cameras’ scanning width range is small area, just about 3cm to 5cm; that is, the quantity of lights will affect the scanning width range of camera, the more the lights have with the camera, the wider the scanning range of camera will have. So 4 lights with mini sensor button camera will have bigger width scanning range, its width scanning range will be about 8cm from left side to right side.
This auto sensor button camera with 4 lights is suitable to different generations of poker analyzers, such as AKK30 poker analyzer,  K4 Samsung Galaxy poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer and CVK Samsung poker analyzer.
The distance of this mini auto sensor button camera with four lights is 10cm to 15cm, 20cm to 30cm. The battery life of this auto camera is about 3 hours. This auto camera can scan old sides marking bar-codes playing cards and new bar-codes marked playing poker, no matter they are plastic cards or paper cards, no matter they are poker size or bridge size and Jumbo index or regular index.