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What Possible Situation Would a Poker Analyzer Work?

Any legitimate casino would shut this con down ASAP so it is basically limited to shady home games or underground games.
In an underground game the player would have to be working with one of the dealers. In a home game, well, beware the host who only wants to play with his own personal deck of cards.
You might argue a sketchy casino might allow an inside job utilizing Poker Analyzers but if the facility was that crooked there would be a variety of other ways to cheat customers.
In reality there are very few locations where a Poker Analyzer would be a useful tool.
Should You Be Worried?
Taking all this into account it is highly unlikely you run into one of these devices in the wild but it is important to recognize the technology exists.
If they developed a Poker Analyzer that worked with regular cards it would change everything but most hustlers would probably go straight to the high-stakes blackjack tables instead of wasting their time at the poker table.
If you have any experience with Poker Analyzers in the wild feel free to tell us about your experience in the comments section below.