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Some poker players win lots of money with infrared contact lenses and invisible in marked cards

 If you are a well-known poker player who has something valuable to sell, it looks like this is the right time to put your items on the market. Peter Eastgate put up a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet, as did Eskimo Clark.  Now, Team PokerStars pro Vanessa Rousso is offering up her yellow 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo on eBay.

Rousso purchased the sports car last year as a treat for herself with her poker winnings.  In a video interview with CardPlayer, the GoDaddy Girl said that she had been planning the purchase since she was teenager.  Even though she could afford to pay the sticker price for the vehicle, she was smart and bought it used, benefiting from the depreciation in value in its first year.


It seems like that a lot of poker players buy bought the luxurious staff like Lamborghini cars and sold them after a time for they want to get the latest model or have get some better ones.

Why they have so much money to spend on the luxury? Maybe they win a lot on the poker games and tournaments and many more want to have a try.

However, when some player wins a lot in a game, there must be some guy who loses. If you want to be the exactly one to win, you must do something for it, or at least to protect yourself not to lose. Maybe the poker analyzers to report you the hands or the infrared glasses to see invisible ink marked cards are the right thing for you, so as to help to win a game.