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A poker secret in bicycle marked playing cards

Have you ever thought, humanity came to this world, is for what?
Aristotle said that the essence of life is the pursuit of happiness, so happy life there are two ways: First, find your happy moments, increase it; second, so you do not find a good time to reduce it.
Now the community often say that execution is the ability to get things done. How to do it? Necessary to mobilize, integrate themselves and others resources to create opportunities, in fact, leadership, leadership is influence, the sunshine state of mind is the source of influence is the basis of executive power.
Card magic, it is always a secret for many people.
Many poker players want to know how to mark playing cards, to do a magic show, or to have fun.
As a fact that, not every people can be a amazing poker magician.
If we want to gain something, we need to give something.
We should be a good thought into action, we will build big ideas into our character's actions.
To take action for being a poker magician, need to get familiar with magic marked cards, and also infrared glasses.
Golden Sunshine marked cards juice is good quality products that are suitable for poker magic show.
However, the best way to mark the cards, like bicycle marked playing cards, it is still a secret for people.
Now I want to introduce some tools to share and see if we can achieve the effect of avoiding disadvantages.
The first tool: changing attitudes.
We can not change things will change its attitude on this matter, because a man as his views on this matter happened by the damage is more severe. The thing itself is not important, important is the attitude of this matter. Attitude changed, things changed. When the Cultural Revolution caused a lot of monsters rich against bad elements, a rehabilitated after the Cultural Revolution, who became a good man. Attitude has changed, the bad guys becomes a good man. Things are not good or bad, the key is our attitude toward things. Ants, though small, can damage the levee, a man changed his view of things, things will change.