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A Variety Of Methods To Shave The Dice

Shaved Dice - These kind of dice, sometimes known as barred or bricks, are different because they do not use additional weights. Instead, people will shave or grind down part of the dice in order to change the shape. Usually they will be formed or created somewhere so the shave scratches are not so obvious in a casino. The idea is to give it more of a rectangular shape instead of square cubes. Only one side will be shaved, meaning 4 sides will be shorter and have less surface area. In the end, the shaved side and its opposite side will show up more often.
Capped Dice - This variety of dice usually involves shaving down one of the sides and then filling the gap with a different material that looks the same. This material will have different properties such as a heavier mass or higher density. Other materials can be more elastic to produce a bigger bounce on the capped end. This is a clever method to make the dice appear normal, but they do start to look different when wear and tear takes place. Craps dealers can also use their fingernail to see if one of the sides pushes in more than normal as well.
Painted Dice - These are dice that have some type of substance painted onto them. Commonly, this material will become sticky when moisture is applied, sort of like using water to active the sticky properties. This can be done by blowing on the remote control dice right before a roll, using sweaty hands or getting your fingers went with a drink. The idea is to make a biased roll by having the dice stick to the table surface. This is kind of a risky way of fixing the dice because too much of this material might make the dice stick to the table without ever bouncing, or picking up chips and other things on the table that would blow the cover.