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AKK K4 Poker Analyzer to Read Marked Cards

AKK series poker analyzers is one of the best poker cheating analyzer distributors in the market, now the latest AKK K4 poker analyzer software almost can defeat all the other types of poker analyers.
As we all kone, we can ultilize AKK poker nanalyzer in many sorts of cheating playing cards games, just like current Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccrat, Black Jack and so on, poker players can see them in all the poker club and casino. In that time, AKK K4 is useful assistant for user to predict the game result. Unlike the normal poker scanning analyzer, AKK K4 is processed with two scanning camera lens, that means it can has two times effect when scanning the barcode marked poker cards. Its appearance just looks as a normal phone, while it can scan the marked playing cards in all direction even though it is face down. After scanning the marked deck of cards, the poker game result will be send to user in secret and clear via the speical quality amplifier or skin covered mini earpiece.
Even if AKK K4is the latest product, it has received widely praised from our customers, we can see this new star will give more surprise to poker cards players in the later day.