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AKK K5 Samsung Poker Analyzer For Barcode Marked Playing Cards

AKK K5 is the newest model cell phone poker analyzer in AKK poker hand analyzers series, it has more functions and work better than AKK K4 poker analyzer.
AKK K5 Samsung poker analyzers are inserted secret built-in scanning camera lens inside with high privacy which is much more stable and its scanning 100% accurate. Unlike the old version poker analyzers, AKK K5 Samsung mobile phone poker analyzer device can not be changed its battery, which means it is with built-in batteries. The appearance of AKK K5 card player odds calculator looks like much beautiful and smart, and this poker odds calculator software can put 3 poker games. What is more, AKK K5 poker range calculator not be hot soon.
AKK K5 mobile phone poker calculator odds has time-mode to make user see the game result directly, at most can see 4 winners.