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All in One Top Quality Poker Analyzer System CVK 350

There are many kinds of marked cards devices, among them, all in one CVK 350 poker analyzer system is one of the best popular poker cards games predictors in the market.
Unlike normal poker analyzer, users have to manipulate the scanning camera and scanning system, this functional CVK 350 all in one poker analyzer has imported high definition poker scanning camera lens inside in high privacy. In the games, if you put the CVK 350 poker analyzer on the game table, cause the CVK 350 poker scanner analyzer is a real cell phone, so no one will feel its secret, once the invisible barcode marked cards are placed into its scanning distance, the poke cards reader will scan the marked cards automatically, no need users pay any extra attention to operate it. Then the scanner analyzing system will analyze the informal and give the 100 accurate poke cards games result within 0.5s. All in one CVK 350 poker analyzer system can be used in Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Baccarat and other various kinds of marked playing cards games.
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