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All Kinds of Infrared Magic Marked Cards of Golden Sunshine

No matter in what occasions  and what kinds of light it is exposed to, infrared marked poker cards provided by Golden Sunshine always keep its excellent performance.
Infrared marked cards is one kinds of the luminous invisible marked deck of cards, which marked with special infrared technology, no one can find any problem from its appearance by their normal eyes in any kinds of lights. Unlike normal invisible ink contact lenses marked playing cards, infrared magic marked cards is invisible if users use every kinds of contact lenses or ultra sunglasses or ultraviolet scanning camera, only the infrared ray scanning camera lens can read this luminous marked cards. Golden Sunshine has many brands of infrared marked playing cards for sale, Copag series IR marked playing deck of cards, IR Fournier marked-cards, infrared Modiano magic marked cards, infrared invisible KEM marked poker cards, infrared marked Bicycle playing cards, Royal marked infrared invisible poker cards, DAL NEGRO professional infrared camera marked cards, BEE IR scanning lens marked deck cards and so on. All of they are in professional quality and can be used for long time.
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