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Amazing Simple Marked Cards Cheating

Bicycle playing cards are probably the most common playing cards, at least here in the United States. people prefer to do magic tricks using Bicycle cards, because they do not make people suspicious like a deck with an unfamiliar back might.
In their book, Trick Decks, people shows how to mark your own Bicycle deck with a Sharpie, but to use it, you have to memorize the code.
If you are lazy and want an easy-to-read deck, get the Ultimate Marked Deck, available with red or blue Bicycle backs. The cards look and feel exactly like a regular bicycle deck, but you can instantly read the suit and value of any card with a quick glance at its back.
Historically, the company that makes Bicycle cards has not made marked Bicycle decks, so this is kind of a big deal in the magic world.You can do some amazing tricks with a marked deck.