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Amazing Video Luminous Cards

These are cards that differ from the usual luminous marked cards. The marks on the video luminous cards cannot be seen even if you wear the special filtered sunglasses. What you need here is a custom-designed electronics and filters, through which you can read the marks . But you cannot see the marks directly, the tip is that these are displayed on a monitor situated in another room to a partner of yours. That partner is the person who will communicate you the card value.
Usually these cards are not for cheating but for magic tricks. Most often are used by the poker houses in order to analyze a card game or to detect collusion. The unusual play is easily to find out, as it is enough just to play back the recorded images of the marked cards. The easiest way to suspect that collusion is taking place during the game, is to watch out the hands that the partners fold– when a player constantly have a good hand and his partner plays even better hand, this is a considered as a clear sign of cheating. And usually the poker house introduces such marked decks only when the suspected colluders are seated.