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Ashtray Double Camera For Juice Bar-Codes Marked Cards

This is new style black plastic ashtray, it can be used to put cigarette ash inside, it is a real ashtray. While we can make this
ashtray to be a professional gambling cheat device, that is, we can install a mini camera or double cameras in the ashtray, so
that this ashtray double camera scanner can be scanned invisible ink bar-codes marked playing cards, and the analyzer will analyze the bar-codes and tell you who are winners during your poker games in casinos or house games.
This ashtray camera has a remote to control the cameras, the advantage of remote control is to save much power, as you can turn
the camera on and off anytime.
Its battery life is about 3 hours, and its scanning distance is about 19-29cm, its width scanning range is about 20cm.