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Ashtray Poker Cards Scanner to Read Edged Barcode Marked Cards

Many people like smoking, so ashtray can be used in many occasions. When playing poker cards games, ashtray is a important item for those who smoking. So we use this chance and developed magic ashtray poker scanning camera to help poker players to reader the marked decks.
Our skillful technicians can process the normal ashtray as four built-in scanning camera lens poker scanner with high privacy. From its appearance, no one can find its secret, so it can be placed on the game table freely. Once the edged barcode marked playing cards are into the ashtray scanning camera device scanning range, it will read the barcode immediately and send the information to poker analyzer to calculate the game result rapidly and accurately, the time can as less as 0.3s, so you have abundant time to make a better bet.
Beside ashtray poker spy cards reader, we also have invisible ink contact lenses marked cards, various kinds of poker canning cameras, all kinds of poker analyzer systems, luminous marked dominos and so on marked decks devices for sale, if you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to contact us.