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Authentic Italian Marked Poker Cards For Sale

Our company sells marked decks originated from different countries, such as the US, Russia, Spain and Italy.
The authentic Italian marked decks produced by our company enjoy a good reputation for their quality and excellence. They are made of 100% plastic, staying true to their rich Italian heritage in how they are designed. With so many different regional styles to choose from ( like the Northern Italian regional style, Spanish regional style, French regional style, German regional style and so on ), some people may ask which is the "right" one. The answer is, "Whichever looks the best to you."
We normally use poker printer and invisible ink(IR ink, UV ink, luminous ink or laser ink)to make two types of Italian marked decks: Italian back marked decks and Italian barcode marked decks. Both the back marks and edge marks are water-resistant and wear-resistant. They can still be read by poker scanner even after we rub the the cards against the table or immerse them in water.
Not only can our company provide you with the marked decks of our own, like Italian marked decks, but also we can process your regular card decks into marked decks. If you want so, welcome to your card decks to us!