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Aviator marked cards make enjoyable games

One deck after another poker cards you may touch since you like playing poker games and you are a poker games lover, and you may know lots of kinds of poker brand come from different countries in the world, but do you know playing cards marked deck? 

It is a deck of cards marked by invisible ink and marks printer, each cards of the deck have a pattern on the back, and the pattern can be recognized only when using our contact lenses or infrared sunglasses.

Among all the playing cards marked deck, here I introduce Aviator marked deck to you, this brand is from America and people there like playing games with this brand. We have the professional technology to process this brand of playing cards, usually, we mark with big font in the middle or small font in four corners, black or white ink are available, what’s more, you can choose the patterns and the color yourself, or you can send your Aviator cards to us, we can process good quality invisible marks on the playing cards for you.