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Avoid playing too much long time

Playing Texas Hold\'em games can as a form of entertainment or one of the work. But you can no indulged them for a long time.Many players can playing the games continue several days and nights without sleeping, which is the taboo in the game.

It is said that winning in the Texas Hold\'em,rely on your opponent to make mistakes, and you make less or no mistakes. This is  especially important when the level of everyone nearly. And the chip tray scanning camera also can help you in this case.

But playing too long,you brain will feel tired,so you will likely to make mistakes,and you might have not notice until it is determined serious mistakes,but it is too late. So avoid playing too long.

In general, in the field poker room, game time not more than eight hours, online poker room, game time, not more than six hours, so that you can ensure energetic, and make less guilty error.