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Baccarat And Blackjack Poker Shoe Spy Camera Lens

What poker device is good for Baccarat and Blackjack poker game? Let’s introduce you a poker shoe with pin hole camera lens fixed into.
It is a common poker shoe like we see in many casinos. But we install a camera lens inside the poker shoe . This poker shoe is suitable to work with the side marked cards. Before dealing, it can scan the marked cards quickly. And you will get the cards point from the monitor.
How to use the poker shoe camera monitoring system?
Usually, the monitor can be a TV, computer or cell phone. This poker shoe camera set is suitable for 2 people to cooperate together. One person deal the cards, the other stay in background to tell the result shown from the monitor. In addition, there’s a remote controller for this poker shoe camera set. If you want to deal the second card instead of the first one, you just need to press the button, then the first card will be hide. At this moment, you can deal the second card. When you want the card had been hided, you also can let it out through the controller and deal it.
The whole poker shoe camera monitoring system contains a poker shoe camera, transmitter, speaker and earpieces, monitor. This whole system can help you win money without any pressure and you will know poker suits and points right away.