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Baccarat Dealing Shoe Poker Winner System

This is a professional grade 6-8 deck baccarat dealing shoe has a heavy steel roller and boasts a smooth . The edges are rounded and smooth. This is a very nice dealing shoe. We build a small lens inside the dealing shoe , by scanning the cards so that the dealer can see the cards coming through the computer or players will be able to find out who is the winner or and then change the winner by using remote control.
> Use original poker card
1. Can see the first and second coming of the card , including the number and suit
2 . To change the first card coming with a remote control easily
3. See each coming from the display card in another room, and then pass the information to the player.
> Using barcode marked poker cards
1. Can see all the cards through the TV screen or computer
2. To change first coming card with remote control easily
3. The poker player can know the result and every card from a partner anywhere
> Using barcode side signs cards and poker analyzer
it will be able to tell you who is the winner . And when you use the remote control and you change the winners, from the player winner to banker winner or from banker winner to player winner.
While how to use it? It is very easy to operate , the user only needs to put the cards in the dealing shoe and turn the dealing shoe on , then use the remote control to operate the card up and down. poker analyzer will tell you who is the winner and then you can choose if you change the winner or not; and you also can use the video phone to see the top one card.