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Please go play the WSOP

If you've been around the world of online poker for a while ', you can remember the days when PokerStars had a strong presence at the WSOP. Of course, there was the magic year of 2003, when Chris Moneymaker shocked the other poker players, pundits, and probably the same, winning the main event.
From there, we have accumulated success. The following year, PokerStars has qualified four of the nine players at the final table, and when it came down to Greg Raymer and David Williams, we were freeroll to say that one of our qualifiers have won everything.
In 2005 ... in 2005, PokerStars qualified 1,116 of 5,619 runners in the main event - almost exactly 20% of the field. Those were heady times, and they were accompanied by an intoxicating presence. Our parts have begun to characterize household name headliners, and became the hot ticket for all present at the WSOP.
Then, well, if you were there for that time, then you know what came after. The cold of the UIGEA in the fall of 2006, and then the freezer of Black Friday in April 2011. Initially PokerStars was able to buy in directly to the WSOP, so we were forced to deliver qualifications $ 10k (or more) and say "Please go play the WSOP" (and / or to offer them bonuses actually play).
Ultimately, the situation has become untenable and PokerStars simply stopped offering WSOP satellites. And with that, our presence at the WSOP dropped to an almost shadow - only a handful of people required to support our Pro Team, who are here in droves every year.