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Bar code marked cards camera lenses

No matter where you go, your cuffs are along with you as a part of your shirt. Everything including your cuff should be well used of. How about installing a bar code marked cards camera lens on your cuff to work for you?

Bar code cards look just like common poker playing cards, the different between bar code cards and common cards is that there are different bar codes printed on the edge of bar code cards. If you buy our bar code marked cards camera lens and have it installed on your cuff, when playing poker games with bar code cards, you put your cuff scanning camera on the table, in the condition that an appropriate distance between bar code deck and the cuff scanning camera, then the camera begin to work for you.

It is designed for certain game rule, after it scanning the bar code deck, it can tell you who ranks the first in a very short time, you will know how to bet according to the reported result.