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BEE Invisible Ink Pen Marked Cards

BEE poker cards are very famous in the world. We have different BEE invisible marked cards for selling. Have you ever used BEE luminous marked cards? And how much you know about BEE contact lenses marked cards? Here, you can get more information.

Bee invisible ink pen marked cards are made of paper material or plastic material and the poker size is 63*88cm.The Bee red back poker cards are marked with big letter or number in the middle, or with small fonts in the corners. The marks are dark colored. The Bee blue back poker cards are usually marked just with a big font in the middle. And the ink used for the marking is white or black. These secret invisible ink markings only can be detected by the invisible ink contact lenses for playing cards or the infrared marked cards sunglasses that can detect invisible ink.

These magic BEE luminous marked playing cards can be used in Texas Holdem, Baccarat, Blackjack, Omaha as well as other local poker card games.