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Belt poker scanner camera

If you know how much of the reward of the tournament of Poker Stars, you will understand why so many people are keen on poker competition. And if you know the about the poker cheating devices like remote control trick dice and the poker winner analyzer system, you will understand how easier of the poker players to win the game. So, what are hesitating for?

Now, let me introduce one of the hot sale poker scanner camera to you. It is Leather Belt Scanning Camera For barcode marked playing cards. On the position of the leather belt buckle, we install a specialized playing cards scanner. 

This specialized texas holdem scanner camera has high accuracy of scanning the barcode marked cards. As long as you put the side marked playing deck within the scanning distance of poker camera, the scanner will send the signals to the Casino Texas Holdem and Omaha scanner system poker analyzer, and then, the mini spy earpiece will tell you who the winner are directly. It is really convenient and useful.

If you are interested in this leather belt scanning camera for side marked barcode playing cards, you are welcome to contact us. We will show you the pictures and the videos about it.