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Best Poker Analyzer Device AKK Predictor

As the pokers cards have same pattern on their backside, so it is very difficult for players to know what cards rivals keep in advance. However, AKK of Golden Sunshine can set this problem easily.
AKK poker analyzer system increases the new image correction technology to get more clear photos image. Maybe some players will worry that when move the AKK poker card reader, the effect will be decreased, but it is not a problem, users can use AKK poker card scanners in the inclination of 40 degrees on the left-right side or 180 degrees rotation on the vertical. What is more, it can read the barcode on the luminous marked cards edge even though the poker cards are folded or are dealing by the dealers to predict card marking game.
The AKK marked deck cards poker analyzer can used in Texas Holdem, Omaha 4, Omaha 5, and Omaha 6, even in the Baccarat which has many uncertain factors to effect the result. The appearance of AKK magic barcode marked cards poker hand analyzer just same a normal mobile phone, no one can discover its magic power. After AKK marked barcode poker cards software scanning the barcode, users can get voice signal by wireless Bluetooth or choose the time mode to see the game result.
If you are interested in this powerful AKK barcode marked poker cards system and want more information, please contact us by WhatsAPP or email. The scanning distance is in various, you can select whatever the range you want or tell us your requirement, we will customize it for you perfectly.