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Bicycle 808 Rider Back Red And Blue Marked Cards

The Brand of Bicycle playing cards are famous all over the world. In this paper, I will share the Bicycle Rider Back marked playing cards at poker game.
After marked, the Bicycle Rider Back marked playing cards still keep the good hand feel and shape of original cards. It is well known that this kind of cards has rightly earned reputation for being the best quality. They are made of plastic coated paper playing cards, which is very good hand feel to shuffle, deal and hand. Unlike 100% plastic, they will not slip or stick together. They are ideal cards that many poker players have been loving. The Bicycle Rider Back marked playing cards are traditionally available with red and blue backs. There are poker sized Jumbo index or poker sized regular index of these marked cards.
In poker games, the Bicycle Rider Back marked playing cards can be designed as the back marked cards for IR/UV readers, side marked cards for analyzer camera lenses and back marked cards for spy camera lenses. In order to help you know more details, I will share them respectively.