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Blackjack Dealer Cheating With Marked Cards

If a game has been invented, then someone will tried to invent a way to beat that game. While uncommon and difficult, cheating at the casino does happen. It is less common than it was in the early days of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, before casinos became more heavily regulated with more sophisticated surveillance equipment and techniques.
The real question is who is cheating whom; is it the blackjack players who cheat the casinos or vice versa? Since it takes a cheater to spot a cheater, listed below are methods and terms people use when rigging the game in their favor.
A good dealer will have developed the kind of hand dexterity that makes sleight-of-hand manipulation of the cards seem like children play. There are many different ways the dealer can affect the outcome of the hand by slipping in the correct card at the correct time. Two of the more common methods are dealing from the bottom of the deck or dealing the second card from the top (second dealing). These work when the dealer has had a chance to sneak a peek at the bottom or top card, depending on which method is in use.