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Blue IR Contact Lenses Marked Cards Poker

IR contact lenses are one of the most advanced devices for marked cards among the luminous readers. The blue IR contact lenses with the good quality are one of the well-sold product in the world. High-quality blue IR contact lenses offer an easy way for gamblers to win the various poker games.
The blue IR contact lenses with a higher quality are the most suitable for those people who were born with blue eyes. As a matter of fact, even if your eyes’ color is not blue, wearing the blue IR contact lenses will not change your eyes' color a lot. We can in line with the size of your pupil custom your own contact lenses. For example, if a person who has blue pupil, we can offer the blue IR contact lenses whose diameter is 3-5mm to cover his iris.
The blue IR contact lenses are comfortable for your wearing. They are special for reading the invisible ink marked cards. With a pair of blue contact lenses, you can read poker face of each card, while others can not. The blue IR contact lenses have the poweful ability to increase your winning odds to the largest extent.
The colors of human beings' pupils are different, except the blue-eyed, there are green-eyed, black-eyed…etc. If you need, we have the advanced technology to custom the contact lenses in accordance with your requirement. Just feel free to contact us if you need.