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Blue Juice To Mark Cards

Many marked playing cards be signed the marks by the invisible ink as their high quality. Juice is an excellent marking system which is preferred by many magicians and gamblers all over the world. Its one of the best available to the public at the moment. The Juice has been perfected over many years and genraly should be matched to the color of  playing card. red Juice for red cards and blue Juice for blue cards, etc.) Juice can be seen using just your eyes, you do not need any kind of special equipment to read these marks. Juice marks will work on almost any deck of card that has the corresponding color to what juice you have, and the cards also need a pattern with a lot of mixed white and colored areas. Bee decks are preferred, but decks such as Bicycle and Aviator can also be marked. This Juice is permanent and will work on most paper cards.
This juice comes with a complete booklet with full and detailed instructions on how to mark your own cards. It also has several examples on how to mark cards with pictures. It also has some extras that might be helpful when making your own cards.