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Brown-Eyes Contact Lenses Work With Marked Cards

IR contact lenses are for reading back marked cards. And then the user could see those marks clearly. Brown-eyes IR contact lenses are suitable for brown eyes.
IR contact lenses are the best devices to see those marks on the back of poker cards. And they are soft and comfortable when you wear them inside your eyes. The user can read any brands of back marked cards, such as Bicycle marked cards, Fournier marked cards,Copag marked cards, KEM marked cards, Bee marked cards, Bear marked cards and Lion 3005 marked cards. If you are with brown eyes, you could choose to wear this product. And you could choose different size of center diameter. For example, 3mm, 6.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 9 mm. Our company sells other colors of contact lenses, such as green-eyes contact lenses, black-eyes contact lenses, grey-eyes contact lenses and blue-eyes contact lenses. We also sell IR sunglasses, you could choose it to read back marked cards as well. Nomatter which kinds of marked cards you play, our product will do you a favor and we will try our best to solve your troubles.