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Scanning camera in car key

 In our daily life, there are too much thing we need to carry step by step. Such as the mobile phone, wallet and keys or car keys etc. Have you found that many people are accustomed to putting their belongings on the table? It seems that a lot of people have this habit. And it seems very common.
Our car key scanning camera is really amazing product which help you in your poker games. A hidden camera lens was installed in the car key. All kinds of car key such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Chery can be processed. What is more, you can send us your car key. The BMW car key scanning camera has two types: one can change the battery, and the battery could be recharged, the other can be charged directly. This car key camera can work about three hours. Every time you need to charge 4 hours continuously and you need to keep away from charging sources.
It is quite easily and safely to operate the car key scanning lens. You just need to press on and off then you can make camera switch on and off within one second. Moreover, the car key scanning camera can automatically scan invisible cards and give you the feedback of scanning results.