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Card Shuffle Dealing Shoe

This is a new technology baccarat dealing shoe cheating device, it is a all transparent dealing shoe made of special material. But how this transparent dealing shoes to work? First, you have to put the edge sides marking playing cards into the transparent dealing shoe, and then you need a camera, such as mobile phone camera, lighter camera, car key camera and so on to scan the marked cards from outside, and then the poker analyzer will analyze the barcodes marked cards and tell you who is winner or what the cards are. What is more, you will know the rank of all player!

Maybe some people will think why use the extra camera to scan the cards which put into the dealing shoe, because all transparent dealing shoe can not be installed any mini camera inside, and even can be installed the camera inside, the dealing shoes would not look like original, and other people will suspect that.

So just in this way, no one will be curious to your dealing shoe and they will think it is normal and common product, and no one will think about that your camera can see through the dealing shoe to scan the bar-codes marked cards. More information you will know by this way