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Card Techniques-Poker Analyzer System

This Scanning System is developed for one of the most famous poker games in the world – Texas Hold’Em.
Our Texas Hold'em Scanning System is operated by only one person and is definitely the best and the the most advanced device in predicting the hands of Texas Hold’Em. Using this Scanning System you will be able to know the winners(the first and the second one) and even the rank of all the players, through stealth earpieces that will transmit you the information needed.
Without any help from a computer or partner, you will know the outcome of the game and the accuracy is 100% guaranteed.
Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson are the suitable cell phones. The other things needed are mini-earpieces and marked cards.
Texas Hold'em Analyzer List
1.model 305 wireless stealth earpieces (providing clear voice);
2.setting panel with a screen (in order to adjust the number of the players and the game mode);
3.micro-computer (size 80mm*65mm, power switch, port); output device (can be connected to a computer and can check the location of the marked cards);
5.speaker for testing voice;
6.2400mah Li-battery (4-8 hours);
7.20 decks of plastic cards (free processed and customized);
8.manual in English (other languages are also avaliable)