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Cards dealing tricks in prism shoe

Cards dealing trick can be considered as poker trick or poker devices. In poker games, who own more poker tricks, then who will win the games eventually. Now that poker trick is key in winning a poker game and as a one trick, I would like to introduce my cards dealing trick to you.

Cards dealing trick must be hidden in cards dealing and nowadays poker players like using cards dealing shoe in games to save time. Cards dealing shoe by GS prism shoe or second deal. The dealer can not only deal cards, but deal the second cards if you don’t want the first cards.

Cards dealing trick in our prism shoe is to push the cards that you don’t want up into a prism, the dealer then can decide to keep the cards or deal it. With the prism shoe with cards dealing trick, you can get good cards easier, so that you can win poker games easier. Please let us know before buying and more questions about poker tricks are welcomed.