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Cards Trick Tools

When in the playing cards games, there are so many ways can help you to increase the winning odds secretly. Here, we will introduce three kinds of cards trick tools for your reference.

1. Invisible ink pen contact lenses and luminous ink sunglasses for back marked cards. Working with them, you are see the invisible ink markings on the backs of marked playing cards secretly and clearly to know each piece of card before the card are faced up.

2. Poker monitor scanning system for back infrared marked decks. With this magic infrared monitor scanning system for detecting infrared marked poker cards, you can see monitor the whole game to know all the cards others have by the infrared invisible ink markings.

3. Poker scanner and poker analyzer system for barcode marked deck cards. Cooperating with this kit, you can predict the Omaha 4, Texas Holdem, Seca and other poker games result directly and accurately.

Different marked cards kit is suitable for different poker game, do you want to have a try?