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Casino Dice With Mini Scanner

These are called Club or Casino dice not because they can be used in a casino, it’s because of the material (translucent) that is used. It is more time consuming and difficult to work with this type of dice material. The edges of club or casino dice tend to be razor edge rather than rounded.
These are the colors that we offer. When you order club dice or razor edge dice or casino dice from us you can choose from the colors in the photo. We do not make dice with casino logos. Please do not ask for casino logo dice. The answer is no!
These dice are sold like all of our materials for entertainment purposes only! Please contact us for price – all dice are custom made. There have another type dices with mini camera which has installed into casino dices advance, it is perfectly to match with the barcode marked cards. If you are interested in this product , just feel free to contact with us.