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CCTV Infrared Back Marked Cards Scanner

There are many kinds of long distance poker cards scanning systems in market, however, not all of them can provide the ideal function as you imaged. But we can sure, the CCTV infrared playing cards scanning camera for IR back marked deck cards will never let you down.
It is a real CCTV so you can use it to do anything regular CCTV device can do, and it is made in perfect so no need to worry about other can know its secret. This special CCTV poker cards reader is specialized to read the infrared back juice marked cards, it is better for you to work it with your partners. When in the poker games, the long scanning range CCTV poker scanner will read the markings on the backs of infrared invisible ink marked decks automatically and pass the image information to display on the background TV screen clearly. Once you partner got the information, he can pass the result to you in with high privacy, such as through mini Bluetooth earpiece as well as powerful intercom.
The distance of CCTV poker spy cards reader can be customized, if you are interested in it, welcome to contact us for more information.