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Cell Phone Power Bank Poker Card Reader

No matter where you go, carrying with a cell phone power bank is a normal thing as it can provide electricity for your mobile phone in time. In poker card games, it is also very commonly used.
The power bank we provide is a normal cell phone power bank while it is fixed a HD camera lens inside in high privacy, it is cell phone power bank poker card reader. Its battery can last 8 hours. When you use it in various barcode marked cards poker games, you don’t need to worry about you have not enough time to master the whole set of product. When its powers off, you can charge it. What is more, there are 3 frequency points on the poker spy cards reader, so you can adjust the scanner frequency you need.
We have various cell phone power bank playing cards scanning camera for sale, all of them have various scanning distance, you can tell us which one you need or tell your needs to us to custom-make scanning camera lenses.