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Cell Phone Scanning System

Cell phone is an important and normal tool in our daily life, people can use it to surf the internet, send messages, call others and take photos etc. However, do you know that it also can be a powerful playing cards analyzer distributors used to scan and analyze different kinds of invisible ink marked playing cards?
Our technical staff can process the cell phone with setting a poker card reader program that it can read the suits and point which marked by invisible ink on back of the various luminous marked playing cards if they are dealt in the detection range, it is very secret that hardly to find without special tools like marked cards contact lenses or ultra luminous IR sunglasses or playing cards reader software.
Besides cell phone, we can process others regular accessories, such as car keys, wallets, water bottles and so on as well, you also can send the items to us, we will process them in best quality. Do you want to have a try?