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Cheating dice

About dice, I believe everyone has seen it. It has six sides, the points you want normally are only 1/6 probability. Here are some tips.

Firstly, when you throw the dice, you need to be sure to let it spin. Dice has six sides and eight corners, when it is spinning, there is

only one spinning corner, beside the spinning corner is three faces. For example, if you want it is 1 point, you need to be sure the

corner you throw must associated with 1 point face.

Secondly, the force of throwing dice is very important. If you use excessive force to throw the dice, and the dice is rolling twice more,

you will not gain the points you want. The power can be strong, but you must keep it steady, try to avoid let it has too much inclined.

About the above tips, you need to practice more. May be you will think the above tips are too difficult. Now there are many cheating

dice in the market. Here also recommend a good product, remote control dice, when you using it, you can get any points you want.