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Cheating With Infrared Contact Lens

You have just found the truly most unique pair of poker glasses available anywhere. They are not sunglasses, They are Poker Glasses. Cards999 are designed specifically for poker players.
Our lenses are Flash Mirror Coated and Graduated which allow 85% more light to pass through them than regular store bought sunglasses. The perfect combination to shade your eyes while allowing you to view other players and your hole cards, without the obstruction that dark sunglasses provide.
These Poker Glasses are the perfect fit for any poker player young and old. They make a great gift for yourself or anyone who plays poker. Our glasses have become the best selling Poker Glasses not only in the USA but in over 15 countries World Wide
If you wear sunglasses when you play poker, You Need To Give Cards999 a Try. They Really Work.
Finally a pair of Poker Glasses designed to keep you out of the dark forever. They are also 100% UV and scratch resistant. Not available anywhere but here.