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Chip Tray Camera For Scanning Poker Invisible Marks

Poker camera is usually used for scanning poker invisible marks -- barcodes. We have all types of poker cameras for sale, among which our chip tray camera is one of the most recommended.
Chip tray is a component part of the Texas Holdem table, which makes it a wonderful idea to fix a completely concealable poker camera inside the chip tray. In spite of the camera fixed inside, this chip tray looks no different in appearance from common chip trays. The camera can scan marked cards quickly and accurately. There is a remote for controlling the switch of the camera. To turn on the camera, you just need to press the button on the remote. In the cheating process, the chip tray camera first scans the barcode marked cards quickly and accurately, then collects the information of the cards and last sends all the information to a poker analyzer at a high speed. It can work with different type of poker analyzers, like CVK 500 and AKK K4 poker winner analyzer.
We have been in the casino industry for many years, always selling the most useful and advanced gambling cheating devices to customers at home and abroad. So, you can trust us to provide our high-quality chip tray camera or other gambling cheating devices for you with reasonable price and good service. We can also fix your chip tray with our scanning camera if you want.