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Chip Tray Camera Lens For Cheating Cards

If you have played poker cards in famous and professional casinos, you would find that in most casinos there is a chip tray onto the poker table to contain chips. It is rule that all players make their bets by chips with each other. Before a bet is made, the dealer is supposed to shuffle the playing cards and put them in front of the chip tray to make them ready for dealing. Many people think the chance of cheating at playing cards in public places is slim and risky. There is a good chance for people of of player cheat at cards by making use of the chip tray camera lens which is used for scanning all the playing cards on the table. First of all, you need to fix a mini camera lens into the chip tray and put a battery for the cam into it at the same time before your casino opens. The chip tray camera lens is a single-type lens, but it can scan as far as 50cm. That is to say, nearly the whole poker table is within its scanning area.
Then, when you would like to use the chip tray camera lens, you just press a button on the remote controller to start it. It will work at once and the signals about marked playing cards will be sent to a poker parser. As long as you put the poker deck in front of the chip tray which is embedded with a secret mini camera lens inside, you will know the winner-to-be at the poker game from the poker parser via a mini earphone in your ears.Together with a poker parser, this kind of camera lens can help you cheat at Texas Omaha poker game, Omaha Hi-Low, Blackjack, Baccarat, Low ball, Show hand, and many other kinds of local and special poker games. What is more, the battery for cam can be replacement when it is run out. Usually, a full set of chip tray lens is sold with a two batteries and a charger for you to replace and recharge them freely.