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Chip Tray Mini Scanner For Poker Analyzer

The chip try camera scanner is very excellent for poker analyzer. With the powerful scanning function to read the side marked cards, it can assist you to finish the poker cheat smoothly. In the following article, let me specify it for you.
First of all, the chip tray has been fixed a mini camera scanner inside. And the camera in it will not arouse suspect from other at all. Second, it enjoys a good position to scan the side marked cards clearly and accurately at any angle. Last, the chip tray mini camera scanner should work with a poker analyzer. After the camera read the side marked cards, it will send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer decoding. And then, from the wireless mini earpiece, you will get the needed result reported by the analyzer. Moreover, this camera scanner can support for any kind of poker analyzer, so this is very convenient for you to choose one for your poker analyzer. With the help of this useful camera in your poker games, you will get more chances to cheat secretly and efficiently. Many poker games care available for the chip tray camera scanner, and you can use it to increase your winning odds. More devices we have  can be find in the www.cards999 and please feel free to contact with us!