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Chip Tray Poker Card Reader In Poker Games

Chip tray is a very common and useful tool in poker card games, and you can see it in various poker game rooms or casinos. Have you ever thought that it could be a secret poker cards reader which can help you read the marked deck cards to increase your odds in games?
From its appearance, it just a regular chip tray, but we have installed a mini HD scanning camera lens inside the chip tray and then it has become a useful poker scanning camera. Chip tray poker scanning camera usually works with barcode marked cards, it could read barcode marked playing cards in 0.2s and then sends the image signal to the poker hand analyzer, quickly, you could get the accurate game result. Once you know the whole game result, it is an extremely simple thing for you to make a good bet. Chip tray poker spy cards reader works together with poker analyzer device can suitable in Omaha, Texas Holdem, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti and Baccarat and other local poker games.
Chip tray poker camera is one of the most hot sale poker scanner cameras in our company. If you do not want to use luminous marked cards contact lenses or ultra infrared glasses that can read invisible ink, this magic Chip tray playing cards scanner is highly recommended for you!